Tower Transition Logistics International, Inc. is dedicated to ensuring that staff are cared for and well-trained. Our company maintains employees’ health so we can always deliver what we promise. The company focuses on global safety measures and standards to consistently meet your demands without compromising the health and well-being of our professional drivers. The safety and wellness of our employees are incorporated in our principles.


Tower Transition Logistics International, Inc. is all about delivering with passion, dedication, integrity, and commitment. These factors are incorporated in each transaction we fulfil. Our company is driven by professionals who share the same passion for quality logistics services. We continuously strive to deliver excellence and sustain a globally functional supply chain for our clients, exceeding customer expectations.

We love what we do, and our goal is to always get the job done.  We value our people and customers. We are committed to delivering with pride right to your doorstep. No matter the need – Freight Transport, Reverse Logistics, Import or Export Services  – we are always here to keep your business moving domestically and internationally.


Tower Transition Logistics International, Inc. an international trade merchant, works tirelessly with various products. Although we are focused on exporting and trade throughout West Africa, our company has the capabilities to assist you anywhere in the world.

Avoid costly mistakes with your international trade transactions. Transition Tower Logistics, Inc. accomplishes your business needs with efficient yet simple global trade.  Our international trade services meet the high demand and flow of the international market mandated by regulatory laws. Keep it simple, safe, and cost efficient. Explore the world of international trading with us.


Tower Transition Logistics International, Inc. offers various services aside from international trade. Transferring your goods into international waters or air should never be complicated. With our strategic relationships and capabilities, we are here to keep goods and businesses powered and moving.

If you are looking to transport your products and goods, be it via sea, air or land, working with Tower Transition Logistics International, Inc. is worry free. Our team’s real-time deliveries delight our customers and help them compete in the in the domestic or global trade market. By ensuring our freight services are cost-efficient and safe, we deliver your commodities beyond expectations.


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Our services at Tower Transition Logistics International, Inc. are focused on both domestic and international transport specially tailored to your supply chain and logistics needs – anywhere, anytime. We offer fast and reliable transport and logistics services such as freight transport, reverse logistics, import/export services or international trade. Our commitment with each transaction is to deliver goods with extensive care and well-managed processes, keeping businesses on track within various supply chains.

Freight transport

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Tower Transition Logistics International, Inc. is a people-centered company that values the health and safety of its employees. We believe that a healthy culture will produce highly efficient employees which drives the success of the company every single day. Join Tower Transition Logistics, Inc. and change the way you look at your logistics industry experience. Become a part of our team. Let us work together to help our customers dominate domestic and international markets.


At Tower Transition Logistics International, Inc. we value the importance of time. We do our best to assist our clients with their needs, allowing them to focus on what matters most. If you are new to trading, transport services or international trade, Tower Transition Logistics, Inc. has you covered. Our Frequently Asked Questions are consistently modified & up-to-date to help ease your mind with just a click of a button.